Three Benefits of Choosing a Company that Operates its Own Fleet


Running a logistics company starts with a reliable vehicle. You have to move things from point A to point B. And when volume increases, your vehicle numbers have to increase too. Many medical logistics companies rely on drivers to supply their own vehicles to keep costs down. So what are the customer benefits of choosing a company that maintains their own fleet?

Vehicle Reliability

Having a fleet means someone on staff is responsible for fleet maintenance at all times. The fleet manager is routinely checking oil levels, tire pressure, and overall vehicle fitness every day. That means there are no surprises when cars are out on time sensitive pickups. Drivers can focus on driving and providing excellent service because they don’t need to worry that there’s something wrong with the car. And car maintenance is even more important in extreme weather areas. Here’s why.

In areas like the California Central Valley where temperatures in the summer regularly climb over 100 degrees, vehicles need to be in top condition to handle the added stress of extreme heat. The fleet manager is attentive to these weather cycles and makes sure the fleet is ready to handle the worst.

Higher Fuel Efficiency, Lower Emissions


Choosing a logistics provider that manages their own fleet of vehicles means knowing the cars have been pre-selected with savings in mind. For example, Prius Primes get an average 54 mpg highway with the first 25 miles using only battery power. This compares to a Chevy subcompact that averages 40 mpg on gasoline. That’s an average of three cents more per gallon.

Higher fuel efficiency means customers don’t spend more to cover service-related fuel costs. By choosing a hybrid fleet, customers know they are already enjoying the most efficient service on the road. And with gasoline prices predicted to rise in 2018, it makes sense to choose a fleet that is designed to pass along savings at the pump.

Another reason hybrid fleets make sense is because they ensure not only fuel efficiency, but lower emissions too. It is estimated that hybrid vehicles reduce emissions by 45% compared to traditional vehicles. Cutting harmful emissions by nearly half is huge for a logistics company whose business is being on the road, and the benefits to people and planet are exponential.

Image Matters

When you can’t be there to transport the specimens yourself, you are relying on the logistics company to represent you in the field. This means all the little details matter: a clean uniform, a professional demeanor, a clean and well-maintained car. Appearance matters, and you want the car your representative drives to put your clients at ease.

When working with a company that manages a fleet, the fleet manager makes sure the cars are cleaned inside and out every week. There are never any personal items hanging out in the cars to cause driver distraction—nothing to prevent the attention to detail that matters when handling specimens.

Choosing a logistics company that operates its own fleet may or may not matter for your needs. What’s your volume? What’s your range? What are the expectations your clients have? Knowing how vehicle reliability, fuel efficiency, and image can affect your business is a good place to start. Regardless, knowing the details of how a courier operates in the field is the first step to a strong partnership.